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Research of the market for disinfectants


Дата разработки: 02.07.2020

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Research of the market for disinfectants

1. Annotation/resume:
The objectives of the study, the main results, conclusions and recommendations.

2. General information aboutremedies of disinfectants
2.1 Description of the main physical and/or chemical properties of disinfectant means
2.2 sphere and main areas of application, consumer groups

3. Review of production technologiesfunds disinfectants
3.1 Methods of obtaining disinfectants and used raw materials
3.2 Sources (licensed) and the procedure for acquiring technologies
3.3 directions and volumes of supplies of raw materials for the production of disinfectants
3.4 The estimated cost of construction, determined by analogues and enlarged indicators, as well as forecast and expert estimates.

4. General overview of the market for disinfectants
4.1 retrospective and forecast analytical balance of the market for disinfectants, aggregate consolidated data for production, import, domestic consumption and export in natural and value terms;
4.2 market segmentation and its main features (analysis of the market for disinfectants with division by type, including classifications, standards, target directions of use, brand, quality indicators, etc.);
- current state and prospects for the development of the production of disinfectants in the Russian Federation;
- a description of the legislative regulation of the market of disinfectants and the requirements for it;
- information about the existing barriers to enter the market of disinfectants;
- description of existing risks for the market;
- a description of the used sales systems in the sale of disinfectants;
- factors that promote the sale of funds from disinfectants, outlined, taking into account the competitiveness of domestic and foreign suppliers of disinfectants, determining the channels of entry into the market;
- Description of demand drivers for funds disinfecting with a description of the methodology of forecasting demand.
- a description of possible modes of transport used in the main areas of supply, the availability of special requirements for transporting disinfectants.
4.3 Export potential - analysis of the external market: the largest world manufacturers, segmentation of production and consumption by regions of the world; The most promising areas of supply.

5. Review of prices for disinfectants
5.1 The dynamics of the wholesale price for disinfectants by year
5.2 Analysis of the dynamics of export and imported prices for funds disinfectants
5.3 Forecast price level until 2035

6. Review of the production of disinfectants
6.1 The volume of production in the Russian Federation in natural and monetary terms;
6.2 Analysis of the capacity of existing industries, their loading, plans for entering new capacities;
6.3 Dynamics and production structure in the context of companies and manufacturers, with a group of consumers according to targeted areas of use;
6.4 The current state and production volumes in the CIS.

7. Review of importsdisinfectants in the Russian Federation
7.1 Dynamics of the share of imports in the amount of consumption
7.2 The main suppliers/manufacturers, the structure of supplies to suppliers' countries
7.3 Structure of supplies in the regions of the Russian Federation, the structure of supplies on consumers

8. Review of export of disinfectants from the Russian Federation
8.1 Dynamics of export share in the volume of production of disinfectants
8.2 Dynamics and export structure in the context of manufacturers;
8.3 The main exporters and the structure of exports to suppliers;
8.4 Structure of delivery to the countries-buyer.

9. Information about consumersfunds disinfectants
9.1 Assessment of the structure of the market by consumer groups, if there are specific requirements for the quality of funds disinfecting from certain consumer groups;
- characteristics of the main groups of consumers;
- the nature of demand for disinfectants (uniform, seasonal, periodic, single);
- characteristics of the main end consumers;
- Brief information and contact details on the main participants in the market of the Russian Federation;
- Information about the availability of funds of disinfectant key consumers in the market.
9.2 If there is export potential - brief information and contact details on promising export to foreign consumers

10. Information about competitors (manufacturers)
10.1 The characteristics of competitors and the features of the market segment, including trends and expected changes;
10.2 Information about the most significant competitors (manufacturers / importers):
- name and location;
- a brief description of history and the strategy implemented;
- advantages and disadvantages;
- an approximate share in the market and the trend of its change with a brief indication of the causes.

11. Information about the goods-substitutes of disinfectants
11.1 Name and a brief description of existing and promising-replacement goods
11.2 The strengths and weaknesses of the substitutes
11.3 options for the possible development of these goods and their markets, which should be feared, and the main elements of the opposition strategy.

12. Forecast of market development and its segments by year
12.1 Forecast of the production of disinfectants in the domestic market, taking into account the announced investment projects, in kind and value terms;
12.2 Forecast of the volume of consumption of disinfectants in the domestic market, taking into account the most important trends and expected changes, including legislative regulation, in kind and value terms;
12.3 Analysis of possible qualitative changes in the market situation under the influence of various external circumstances (changing the general economic situation, the situation in related sectors, scientific and technological progress, etc.);
12.4 Forecast of pure export/imports of disinfectants
12.5 Forecast assessment of a market niche in the domestic market and opportunities for exporting funds of disinfectants
12.6 Prices Prices Personents
12.7, if possible, export is possible - a forecast for export prices.

13. Conclusions
13.1 Determination of promising areas of delivering funds of disinfectants - domestic market and export.
13.2 conclusions on promising markets for the sale of funds disinfecting with directions, brands, non -backs, prices, transportation methods and sales volumes.
File name: ТЗ-2020-228-1