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Rutyl concentrate market research


Дата разработки: 27.07.2020

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Rutyl concentrate market research

1. General overview of the market of the Rutille concentrate of Russia/CIS, 2015-2020.
1.5. The degree of development of routes of routine concentrate
1.6. The scope of the route concentrates.
1.7.1. For the largest players (manufacturers/importers)
1.7.2. By industries/segments of consumption
1.7.3. For the largest consumers
1.7.4. Through sales channels
2.2.4. By consumer sectors
3. Competitive analysis and production in the Rutille concentrate market in Russia/CIS.
3.3.2. Assessment of the volume and dynamics of production/sales of routine concentrate, 2015-2020. (in natural and value terms)
3.3.3. The share of the player in the market
3.3.4. Marketing activity and channels for promoting a market player, using a discount system (in volumes, new consumers)
4. Analysis of consumption in the market of routine concentrate in Russia/CIS.
4.4. The forecast for the development of basic consumption industries/segments until 2025
4.8. The basic requirements and preferences of key consumers (on the basis of interviews with competent representatives of the largest consumers) in the context of the main considerable industries/segments.
5. General overview of the Rutille concentrate market in the world, 2015-2020.
5.1.5. New projects for the extraction and production of routine concentrate
6.4. The target volume of sales in the Russian market/CIS for a new manufacturer of routine concentrate.
7.1. By the target volume of the Russian market/CIS
File name: ТЗ-2020-256-4