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Study of the sodium and magnesium sulfate market


Дата разработки: 02.04.2020

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Study of the sodium and magnesium sulfate market

Russian market of magnesium and sodium sulfate

Stage 1.Identification and analysis of the conjuncture of the proposal in the Russian market of sodium and magnesium sulfate

1.1 Identification and preliminary analysis of all Russian producers of sulfates, the allocation of manufacturers and production volumes of magnesium and sodium sulfate.
1.2 Identification of the total volumes of imports and export of magnesium and sodium sulfate.
1.3 Balance of supply and supply in the Russian market of magnesium and sodium sulfate, the share of imports, the share of export.

2. Stage. Analysis of the conjuncture of demand for magnesium sulfate and sodium sulfate

2.1 Identification and analysis of 40 significant consumers of sulfates for the main consuming segments. For each industry, the following information will be collected and provided:

  • The total amount of the identified consumption of each of the sulfates
  • The structure of consumption in the context of consumers
  • Requirements and characteristics for sodium and magnesium sulfates
  • Entrance price level (if possible)
  • Packaging requirements
  • Interest in changing the supplier

3. Stage. Analysis and conclusions

3.1 Assessment of the total amount of demand for commodity sodium sulfate and magnesium sulfate in 2019 for each product, tons/rub.
3.2 The scale of production of the main manufacturers of commodity sodium and magnesium sulfate, tons/year
3.3 Assessment of the level of competitive selling price for the new manufacturer of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, taking into account the cost of logistics
3.4 Requirements for the quality of sulfates in the section by industry
Assessment of potential sales for the new manufacturer, tons/rub.

File name: ТЗ-2020-122