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Testing market research


Дата разработки: 03.07.2012

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Testing market research

1. Analysis of import and export of testing equipment in previous years

1.1. General dynamics of imports in den. expression.

1.2. Identification of key manufacturers and suppliers

1.3. Assessment of the share of IMV Corporation and Espec (Tabai)

1.4. Identification of significant Russian recipients of products.

Assessment of the scale of Russian test equipment exports

2. Compilation of other significant potential Russian consumers of testing equipment

2.1. Identification of customers of leading suppliers of the Russian test equipment in past years (2003-2005)

2.2. Identification of organizations related to the "Testing and analysis of the mechanical and electrical characteristics of finished products: engines, cars, machines, electronic devices, communication equipment and other equipment that includes mechanical and electrical components"

3. The consolidated database for all identified potential consumer companies. Collection of financial indicators.

Providing a consolidated database to the customer. Coordination of the list of studied companies of testing equipment on the basis of all the data received with the customer. Allocation and coordination of the most significant potential consumers for a further expert survey

4. Results of expert interviews:

  • Current needs for testing equipment
  • The most popular types of tests
  • Plane for the purchase of testing equipment
  • Specialization on industries
  • Testing equipment market trends
  • Assessment of the ratio of the share of Russian and foreign equipment in the Russian market

5. Development trends of the main consuming industries

The forecast of the Russian test equipment market until 2020.

File name: ТЗ-275-2012