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Study of the industrial gases market in the Central Federal District


Дата разработки: 01.02.2011

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Study of the industrial gases market in the Central Federal District



1. Manufacturers of industrial gases in the Central Federal District

The following information will be indicated for each enterprise (information on the results of 2009):

  • Efractor-concrete information
  • Type of enterprise (an enterprise specializing in the production of those gases, an enterprise having the production of gases on its territory using ON-Site technology, etc.)
  • Enterprise revenue, thousand rubles
  • Types of produced gases (oxygen, nitrogen, pr.)
  • The volume of production of the main types of gas produced per year (natural indicators, reporting in state organs)
  • The volume of production of manufactured industrial gases per month (natural indicators)
  • The form of produced gases (liquefied, gaseous)
  • Types of Tara used (volume of cylinders, etc.) - on the basis of public information of the company

2. The list of trading companies operating in the Central Federal District in the industrial gases market

  • Types of gas sold (based on public information about the company)
  • Company revenue (in the case of financial reporting in state bodies 2009)

3. Analytical note on the situation in the industrial gas market of the Central Federal District according to the results of the express - research

  • The total volume of industrial gas production in the region, den. expression (2009-2010)
  • The main types of industrial gases produced in the region
  • The total production of individual basic types of gases (oxygen, nitrogen, etc.) (2009-2010)
  • The main manufacturing enterprises
  • The largest companies are distributors
File name: ТЗ-39-2011