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The share of imported tinplate increased to 54%


The share of imported tinplate increased to 54%

According to the study: "Russian market of tinplate" the share of products of foreign manufacturers in the Russian market over the past 4 years has increased from 40% to 54%. Thus, in 2009, Russian manufacturers of tin packaging purchased foreign-made tinplate for a total amount of about 170 million dollars.

The main reason for the import dependence of the Russian tinplate market on foreign manufacturers is the lack of production of tinplate of the required quality in Russia. So in Russia absent:

  • production of sheet metal according to GOST R 52204 (similar to the European standard EN 10202); 
  • Production of extra thin sheet metal, so-called double-rolled sheet metal

Based on a thorough analysis of imports and production of tinplate, identification of the current volumes and structure of purchases of tinplate by the main consumers, as well as the plans of the leading players in the Russian market, the following trends were identified:

  • 30% increase in the total volume of the Russian tinplate market in 2015;
  • the main trend in the production of tinplate will be to reduce its thickness;
  • a significant increase in the share of consumption of thin tinplate with a thickness of 0.14-0.17 mm in the total volume (in 2010, the share of tinplate of these thicknesses was 12%, in 2015 - 25%).