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What will Russian roads look like in 10 years?


What will Russian roads look like in 10 years?

The Russian road surface market is at the stage of significant quantitative  and qualitative changes.

1. Thus, according to experts in Russia in 2011, only 40% of federal highways meet the regulatory requirements for transport and operational indicators.

2. By 2020, 18,000 km of roads will be built at the expense of the federal budget. It is planned that the new highways will be with modern interchanges, increased capacity and a large number of lanes.

Within this  In Russia, in the next 10 years, the demand for cement concrete road surfaces, high-quality bitumen and various modifying additives may sharply increase.

And if the question is using cement concrete  pavement remains open, then improving the quality of roads through the use of modern & nbsp; bituminous technologies and various additives is possible tomorrow.

One such possibility is the introduction of natural bitumen into asphalt concrete. So, for example, when adding only  1.5% of this inexpensive component can increase the durability of the pavement several times over.   In Russia, there have always been a lot of well-known deposits of bitumen-containing rocks. However, now almost all deposits of natural bitumen in Russia are mothballed.

The use of polymer-modified bitumen can become another promising direction. Today, in Russia, the share of PMB consumption in the total volume of bitumen is small and amounts to only 1.4%, while in Germany — 23%, Poland — 21%.

For more information about the development potential of the Russian market of modern road surfaces and its individual components, see the report of the Industrial Information Agency «Research of the road surface market».