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Import of anionic surfactants increased by almost 3 times


Import of anionic surfactants increased by almost 3 times

Industrial Information Agency analysts conducted a study: "Market research nonionic surface-active substances (surfactants) in Russia and abroad".

In terms of cationic and anionic surfactants, Russia is a net importer on the world market.
Over the past four years, the volume of imported surfactants purchased by Russian consumers has increased rapidly. This applies to anionic surfactants to the greatest extent. Thus, the volume of purchases of anionic surfactants of foreign production in the period 2005-10. increased by 2.7 times.
It should also be noted a sharp increase in imports of surfactants for the production of plant protection products. At the moment, imported surfactants for plant protection products are purchased by our companies in relatively small volumes. Taking into account the positive dynamics of recent years, in the future, the import dependence of Russian manufacturers of plant protection products from foreign suppliers of surfactants can increase significantly.
The leader in increasing the volume of deliveries of foreign surfactants to Russia are surfactants based on APG. In 2010, surfactants of this type were imported to Russia 7 times more,  than in 2006.

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