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LEDs are on the verge of a new phase of growth


LEDs are on the verge of a new phase of growth

Opportunities to reduce production costs will reduce the price of household LED light bulbs (equivalent in brightness to a 60-watt incandescent light bulb) to $9–18 instead of the current $40.

By 2015, due to the emergence of new applications, analysts around the world predict more than 13% of the annual growth of the global LED market, as a result of which its volume will exceed $18 billion.

Demand is growing in large part due to the latest developments in high and ultra high brightness LEDs with luminous efficacy of over 100 lm/W and new LED designs. Thus, by 2015, ultra high brightness LEDs are expected to have a market share of more than 50%.

For ultra-high brightness LEDs, especially green and blue LEDs, InGaN (Indium Gallium Nitride) semiconductor alloy has been a significant success. However, the stocks of raw materials needed for the production of LEDs may be depleted, and in connection with this, its price will increase (indium and gallium are rare metals).

Against the backdrop of global trends, the Russian LED market is showing even greater positive dynamics. Thus, according to the materials of the study of the LED market, conducted by our  analysts, in 2011, the import of LEDs to Russia increased by more than 50% in dollar terms compared to last year.
New developments in the global LED industry and significant dynamics of domestic demand create good prerequisites for organizing new Russian projects in this area.

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