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World demand for catalysts by 2020 may reach 7.8 million tons


World demand for catalysts by 2020 may reach 7.8 million tons

The world's consumption of catalysts is growing at an extremely fast pace – over the past 10 years, it has increased by an average of 6.0% per year and reached $15.95 billion (6.26 million tons) in 2013

Catalyst demand will increase by 4, 5% per year in value terms and 3.2% per year in physical terms, up to 21.50 billion dollars and 7.8 million tons in 2020, respectively.

Catalyst imports to Russia over the past 4 years increased by more than 21%, with the largest increase in imports observed in 2013 – 13%. Export  catalysts from Russia is at a very low level, but over the past 4 years it has increased by almost 7 times.

In early 2015 by the Industrial Information Agency completed a study of the Russian and world market of catalysts in the chemical and oil refining industries. The study assessed the state of the market in the following areas:

-    Production and consumption of catalysts in Russia
-    Main Applications
-    Russian manufacturers
-    Dynamics of foreign trade
-    Forecast for the development of the catalyst market in the Russian Federation until 2020-30

With the full content of market research on the catalyst market in here.

Project number: API-1716