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Fuel cell market


Fuel cell market

Today, the importance of fuel cells cannot be overestimated. They are used in almost all areas, from mobile phone power supplies to the space industry.

According to E4tech data published in Fuel Cell Industry Review 2014, in 2013 the global market for fuel cells amounted to 66.8 thousand units. units or 215.3 MW, and by 2020 a significant increase is expected to 790 & nbsp; 450 units (664.5 MW), the average annual growth rate will be 49.1% in units and 22.6% in MW.

There are all the prerequisites for the development of this industry in Russia: a good base of energy and natural resources, professional scientific and technical experience.

Nevertheless, despite all the prospects of the industry, it is not very popular in Russia. Since the launch of mass production requires large private investments, which are not currently available. All this prevents the emergence of young companies on the market, which can hardly count on investments from the state.

Here you can find content of fuel cell market research , which we recently conducted.