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Electronic and traditional media


Electronic and traditional media

Media (newspapers, magazines, industry portals)

Most media is political, news, economic, or entertainment.

We are primarily interested in industry and corporate publications (including factory newspapers), in electronic form - portals and websites.

Most frequently requested media:
- in monitoring mode to solve a specific problem,
- in order to study the events around a particular enterprise
- when researching the market of a particular product, including searching for information about indicators in consumer sectors.

Industry media concentrate current and past events, information about industry products, economic indicators, key market participants, issues, as well as interpretations of events and forecasts. They allow you to quickly immerse yourself in the topic of research, give a direction for further search in the context of the task.

Corporate publications were originally conceived as a means of communication between senior management and ordinary employees, as well as a tool for developing corporate culture.

Most often, corporate publications are of interest when studying competitors, when collecting information about a potential acquisition target, as they contain information that is most often not available in the public domain.