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Ready marketing research


Ready marketing research

 Previously conducted marketing research is the source of three components:
- the report details themselves,
- methodology, that is, the methods used to collect and process information,
- research process.

The information contained in the report is the most superficial:
- address and telephone information about market participants,
- contact persons,
- quantitative information: prices, production volumes, imports, exports, etc.,
- causal relationships in the market and other data.

More significant are the sources of information, methods of collecting and processing information, assumptions and hypotheses, as they allow you to repeat the study after some time at a lower cost or with greater depth.

But the most important value for us is the process of research itself, that is: 
- combination of methods used and their order, 
- "working" legends and data collection scenarios.
- knowledge of the problems encountered in the course of research (in order to avoid them in similar studies),
- the most successful solutions and techniques that are useful in the study of other markets, seemingly unrelated to the previously studied.

It is this knowledge that forms the basis of our competitive advantages: any company can conduct market research, but we will do it in the most optimal way, taking into account the experience, skills and mistakes in 2000 completed projects since 1997.