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Statistical reporting of enterprises


Statistical reporting of enterprises

Statistics is an important component among the sources of secondary sources, rare research does without it.

In our work, we use statistical data both for Russia and other countries of the world.

Information is contained in various systematized resources - both paid and free.

Statistics for Russia allows you to get:
- volumes of production by individual enterprises, 
- production volumes by regions on-line, 
- information on individual municipalities.
- agricultural census data.

The most common use of statistics is for:
- identifying significant market participants
- calculation of market capacity
- assessment of demand potential in consuming industries
- analysis of the dynamics of indicators and preparation of forecasts.

However, not all enterprises report on their activities. It is not uncommon for even the market leaders to be missing from the statistics. 
Special techniques allow you to identify incomplete information in statistical reporting, supplement missing information using other methods of collecting primary and secondary information.