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Information about freight rail transportation


Information about freight rail transportation

Information about freight rail transportation is of interest in the analysis of bulk multi-tonnage cargo - ores, metals, coal, crushed stone, sand, grain, as well as specially described cargo.

Key application of rail freight information:
- identifying the main suppliers of the products under study  
- search for consumers and customers for transported products, wagons and railway transportation services
- identification of the dynamics of the total volume of supplies of the studied market,
- determination of the structure of shipments by regions and regions,
- identifying the seasonality of demand in the studied markets - by months,
- estimation of production volumes - as indirect data,
- determination of the supply structure of each manufacturer of the product under study by consumers.

The value of information about freight rail transportation decreases with an increase in the share of transportation of the studied products by other modes of transport.

There is access to both transportation in Russia (RZD) and some CIS countries (Ukraine, Belarus)