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Financing projects for the creation of glyphosate production and the modernization of the hydrogen peroxide workshop.


Financing projects for the creation of glyphosate production and the modernization of the hydrogen peroxide workshop.

In September 2013 Novocheboksarsky Khimprom (part of the Orgsintez Group, which manages Renova's assets in the chemical industry) announced the initiation of a project for the production of glyphosate, the world's most demanded herbicide used to control weeds. See related link

As part of the construction of glyphosate plant it is planned to upgrade hydrogen peroxide capacity. Source

In May 2015 Industrial Information Agency completed a study of the glyphosate and hydrogen peroxide markets. The results of the research showed the feasibility of financing both investment projects in Russia - at the site of Novocheboksarsky PJSC Khimprom.

In June 2015, both investment projects were submitted to the Russian import substitution program. Source

October 21, 2015, the technical feasibility study of the project for the production of glyphosate was completed. Source

October 6, 2015, the Expert Council of the Industrial Development Fund approved the allocation of 500 million rubles to PJSC Khimprom for the preparation of project documentation necessary for the construction of a production facility with a capacity of 30 thousand tons of glyphosate per year.

This project was included in the import substitution action plan approved in March 2015.  Сm. link 

December 4, 2015 Managing Director of PJSC "Khimprom" Vyacheslav Kursakov announced that both projects are being searched for credit institutions to receive financing on acceptable terms. Source

July 14, 2016 Novocheboksarsky "Khimprom" completed a project aimed at expanding the capacity for the production of hydrogen peroxide: upgraded heat exchange equipment, hydrogen compressor, catalyst activation unit, air separation unit, reduction reactor for the hydrogenation of acetone to isopropyl alcohol, and built a new cooling tower.

At the first stage, the enterprise increased its hydrogen peroxide production capacity from 64 to 78 thousand tons (in terms of 30% concentration), at the second – up to 95 thousand tons. As a result, the performance gain was 48%.

145 million rubles have been invested in the project.

Parallel to "Khimprom" continues the implementation of the project to create the production of hydrogen peroxide using anthraquinone technology.  See link