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Opening of a new import-substituting production of isostatic graphite


Opening of a new import-substituting production of isostatic graphite

Company "Energoprom" is a manufacturer of carbon-graphite and cathode products on a global scale and is one of the top 5 global manufacturers of this type of products.

"Doncarb Graphite" is a subsidiary of the Energoprom group. OJSC «Energoprom– Chelyabinsk Electrode Plant» is the only manufacturer of reactor graphite in the Russian Federation and siliconized graphite products under the state defense order, which is not part of the aluminum complex, as is customary in Russia and abroad.

In 2011, Energoprom contacted the Industrial Information Agency to conduct a full-scale study of the isostatic graphite market. Based on the results of the study, the situation of supply and demand in the Russian market, export and import of graphite products were analyzed, conclusions and market development forecasts were drawn. The Customer's hypothesis about relatively low competition in the market was confirmed, which gave impetus to the creation of a new production.

More than 300 million rubles were invested in the creation of the new line. In just five years, about 1 billion rubles have been invested in the project for the production of isostatic graphite at the Chelyabinsk site.

The new sustainable production of high-density isostatic graphite was opened in December 2017. It will completely replace imports. In 2018, it is planned to increase the production capacity of isostatic graphite to 400 tons/year and produce the first 70 tons of isostatic graphite of the new grade IG-175 (higher density and strength).