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Prevention of inefficient investments


Prevention of inefficient investments

The international investment and financial group PPF was established in 1991. The company employs over 100 thousand people, the size of assets is about 27 billion euros.

In Russia, PPF owns Home Credit Bank. (100%), insurance companies «PPF Life Insurance» and «Home Credit Insurance», agricultural holding «RAV Agro-pro» (100%) and shares in Polymetal (20.68%).

PPF actively explores market opportunities, acquires and sells shares in various businesses.

In 2011, against the backdrop of strong growth in the construction sector, PPF Group considered the possibility of acquiring a Novosibirsk-based manufacturer of concrete admixtures, Benotech. The reason was the launch by Benotekh in the same year of the second production site for the production of superplasticizer in the city of Biysk with a capacity of more than 9200 tons of finished products per year.

PPF invited the Industrial Information Agency to assess the potential of the concrete additives market and the prospects for the development of the company Benotech in it. After careful research, it was determined that, despite the growing market, Benotech's competitive advantages are not enough to counter market threats.

After weighing all the factors and aspects, PPF refused to acquire the company Benotech. Subsequently, none of the investors acquired a growing and seemingly promising company.

Less than three years later, Benotech ceased operations, confirming the triggering of the factors and risks disclosed and predicted by the Industrial Information Agency in its 2011 concrete admixture market study