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Push for the Development of Shared Use Centers


Push for the Development of Shared Use Centers

Industrial Information Agency commissioned by the Skolkovo Innovation Center  (Foundation for the Development of the Center for the Development and Commercialization of New Technologies) in 2011 conducted a study of the market for the services of the Centers for Collective Use for the needs of biomedicine and biotechnology.

The results of the study revealed the equipment of the CCU, the potential and demand for their services.

Innovation center "Skolkovo" became the place of integration of the CCU. July 10, 2014 at the Skolkovo Innovation Center the First Gathering of the Centers for Collective Use took place. At the meeting, representatives of the CCU exchanged experience in providing services.

During the development of the CUC, a bottleneck in Russian biotechnologies related to intellectual property rights was revealed.

The equipment of the Central Collective Use Center, as a rule, is concentrated on the premises of research institutes or universities, and novice researchers often work on their project during working hours.  Startupers believe that the created intellectual property should be issued to them – without regard to the CCP. But experienced investors who get acquainted with such a project refuse to finance. This is due to the fact that intellectual property (and the cost of a startup at an early stage – is the cost of its intellectual rights) is burdened with potential claims from the leadership of a scientific organization, which may draw attention to the fact that the project was completed at the institute's laboratory facilities and during working hours.< /p>

To avoid such conflicts, in October 2017, the SkBioLab laboratory in Skolkovo was opened, equipped with equipment worth more than 100 million rubles. The equipment of the laboratory allows conducting research in the field of molecular and cellular biology, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), biochemical methods of analysis, and microbiology. Having all the necessary devices at one site allows developers to quickly go from an idea to a product ready for clinical trials.

To rent a workplace in the laboratory, companies do not have to be residents of Skolkovo. All intellectual property created in SkBioLab belongs to startups.

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