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Research of the Russian market of isocyanates (TDI, MDI, PMDI)


Дата разработки: 21.06.2016

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Research of the Russian market of isocyanates (TDI, MDI, PMDI)

1. Subject of research:

TDI (Toluoldiyazocyanate);

MDI (methyndhenyldiazocyanate);

PMDI (polymetylendiphenyldiazocyanate)

2. The objectives of the study:

To evaluate the current situation, the dynamics of development and prospects of the Russian market of isocyanates in detail

Evaluate the Russian raw materials market for the production of isocyanates

Evaluate the general situation, the dynamics of the CIS isocyanates market and development prospects until 2020

Present general information about the world market of isocyanates and development forecast

The format of the result

1. General information about products

A brief description of,

Production technologies

Types (brand)

The main directions of use;

Types of raw materials

2. The Russian market of isocyanates

2.1. Dynamics of the isocyanates market 2013-2016 (1 p.

- TDI (Toluoldiyazocyanate);

- MDI (methylendiphenyldiazocyanate);

- PMDI (polymetyledfeniltiazocyanate)

- Other

The dynamics of prices for isocyanates in the Russian market in the context of type/manufacturers/brands (with the basis):

2.2. The structure of the isocyanates market in the context of manufacturers.

2.3. Information about the main manufacturers

- Changing the structure of supply of isocyanates in 2013-2015.

- characteristics of the most significant brands of isocyanates

2.4. Main consumers (procurement, brands, suppliers, affiliation with suppliers and manufacturers)

2.5. The main consuming segments in the Russian market and the prospects for their development

2.6. Positive and negative market development factors and the forecast of the isocyanate market until 2020

3. The Russian market for raw materials for the production of isocyanates (preliminary phosgen, amines)

3.1. Identification and study of Russian producers of raw materials. For each manufacturer, the possibility of commodity shipments for civil application will be identified

3.2. Prices for the main types of raw materials used in the production of TDI/MDI // PMDI, in 2013-2016;

4. Information about the global market of isocyanates (without details by type), including the CIS

4.1. The volume of the global market of isocyanates

4.2. The dynamics and structure of world trade 2013-2015. (Basic countries importers/exporters, level of world trade prices)

5. Conclusions based on the results of the study

5.1. Assessment of the prospects of production development in Russia

5.2. Basic barriers for the development of production

File name: ТЗ-221-2016