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Study of the anticular acid and format market


Дата разработки: 19.05.2015

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Study of the anticular acid and format market

1. For the analysis and forecast of the intake of anti -acid and salts on its basis (formations) for the period 2010 - 2025, the sectoral aspects of the forecast, the territorial aspects of the forecast (Russian Federation, Europe, China)

1.1. Analysis and assessment of the current situation in the anti -agic acid and format market in the Russian Federation, Europe, China. The structure of the consumption of anticoic acid and formations according to the industry, by countries (for the Russian Federation - by regions).

1.2. The ratio of imports/exports to countries.

1.3. The forecast assessment of the global market of anticoic acid and formations for the period until 2025

1.4. Analysis and assessment of market capacity in the regions of the Russian Federation, Europe, China in 2010..2025.

1.5. A forecast assessment of the balance of demand/supply in the medium term, taking into account the possibility of the emergence of new manufacturers and consumers of anticolic acid and formations.

1.6. Identification of products that have the greatest commercial interest among salts based on ants (format).

1.7. Name of products, brands, their qualitative characteristics.

1.8. Assessment of a competitive environment. Barriers of the input to the market of anticoic acid and format.

1.9. Price forecast for ant and format. The price indicators of the market.

2. Review of production technologies of ants and formations. The largest manufacturers of ants and formations.

2.1. General information of the production technology of ants and formations

2.2. Classification, characteristics, production methods in the Russian Federation (if any), Europe, China.

2.3. Promising ways of production. Comparative analysis of existing and promising production methods.

2.4. Features of the technology of production of ants and formations for various purposes (for industries). Material balance in raw material flows.

2.5. Features of storage and transportation of ant and format.

2.6. Assessment of the resource base of production for obtaining formations in the Russian Federation (potassium, calcium, cesium, sodium): raw materials, raw materials, delivery methods.

2.7. Characteristics of the main manufacturers of anticoic acid and formations in the Russian Federation (if any), Europe, China:

- A brief characteristic of production technology

- Contact information (for the Russian Federation)

- nomenclature of products

- production volumes

- Prices

- sales channels of ants and formations

- The main consumers are currently

- plans to expand and modernize production

3. Consumers of ants and formations in the Russian Federation, Europe, China.

3.1. For each consumer it is necessary to specify the following information

3.2. Subject-contact information (for the Russian Federation)

3.3. a brief description of

3.4. Direction of use/processing

3.5. Suppliers of ants and formations

3.6. Assessment of consumers' satisfaction with high -quality and price indicators of ants and formations

3.7. Determination of the degree of influence of various factors (quality, territorial location, price, so on) when choosing a supplier of ants and formations.

3.8. Identification of demand in the market of the most popular brands of formations.

3.9. Criteria for choosing a supplier

3.10. Readiness and conditions of cooperation with new suppliers

3.11. Modernization plans, investment projects

File name: ТЗ-189-2015