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Study of the Russian polyurethane dispersion market


Дата разработки: 20.05.2015

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Study of the Russian polyurethane dispersion market

1. Import in the Russian Federation 2012-2014.

1.1. The structure of imports in the context of manufacturers: Henkel, Bayer, Basf, TFL, Clariant, etc.

1.2. The structure of imports in the context of the areas of application

- paintwork, production of paintwork and sealants (including thickeners for the production of paints and paint and varnishes)

- Production of adhesives, including:

- adhesive used in the production of furniture facades,

- adhesive for thermal sloping of films from PVC, PET and ABS,

- heat -activated adhesives

- Textile production (dirt -repellent tissue finish)

- leather production (skin finish)

- chemical industry

1.3. The structure of imports in the context of brands

1.4. The structure of imports in the context of recipient companies

2. Russian production of polyurethane dispersion (manufacturers of DAU Izolan, Macromer, etc.)

2.1. Capacity and volume of Russian production

2.2. The main directions of use

2.3. Production development plans

3. Studying the current situation and plans for the purchase of leading Russian consumers of polyurethane dispersion among different industries (TT. Such companies as: Korund, Kronos St. Petersburg, Yarley, Russian Paints, Huntsman-NMG, "" Khimzavod "Spectrum", "Yaroslavl paint company", etc.) Including:

- current procurement volume

- Basic brands and suppliers

4. Preparation of a consolidated report:

4.1. The ratio of the share of products in the market of Russian and foreign manufacturers;

4.2. Assortment and characteristics of the studied product produced by Russian companies;

4.3. Import analysis: The structure of the offer in the Russian market, including (manufacturers, requirements for product, brand, characteristics, prices, distribution system)

4.4. Demand conjuncture - analysis of the consumption of product consumption by Russian enterprises (in terms of quantity, purpose, products of products, manufacturers)

4.5. The profile of the product of import substitution (for the purposes of technology analysis): product profile, purpose; characteristics; indicators; market volume.

File name: ТЗ-194-2015