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Nanocellulose market in the world and Russia: current state and prospects


Дата разработки: 02.09.2014

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Nanocellulose market in the world and Russia: current state and prospects


Nanocellulose (nanostructured cellulose) is a material that is a set of nano -sized cellulose fibers with a high ratio of the sides (length to width). A typical width of such a fiber is 5-20 Nm, and the longitudinal size varies from 10 nm to several microns.

Nanocellulose is divided into 3 types: nano-fiber (CNF) is also called microvolonal cellulose (MFC), nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC) and bacterial-synthetic nanocellulose (BNC).

The material has the property of pseudo -plasticity, i.e. It is viscous under ordinary conditions and behaves like a liquid during physical interaction (shaking, shaking, etc.). Its amazing properties allow you to create super -swearing and ultra -strength materials on its basis. At the moment, nanocellulose fibers are released from wood fiber by homogenization under high pressure (High Pressure Homogenization).

The main areas of application in which the use of nanocellulose looks promising: military industry (body armor), electronic industry (super -toned and flexible screens, dividers for batteries), medicine (implants/vascular material, absorbing dressings), automotive industry (body details),, others (biofuel, filters, etc.).

Part 1. General information about the object of research

1.1. General information about nanocellulosis.

1.1.1 materials used to obtain nanocellulose

1.1.2. Types of nanocellulose

1.2. Areas of application of nanocellulose

Part 2. The global market is nanocellulose

2.2. Market volume and dynamics

2.3. Manufacturers and pilot projects

2.4. Market development prospects

3.1. Production and pilot projects

3.2. Consumption prospects: main spheres and possible consumers

3.3. The most popular types of innovative cellulose

3.4. The main consuming segments

3.6. Factors affecting the market

3.7. Forecast of market development.


File name: ТЗ-309-2014