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Research of the Russian market hydrazine hydrates


Дата разработки: 23.08.2017

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Research of the Russian market hydrazine hydrates

1. Characteristics, areas of use of hydrazine hydrate, substitute goods in the field of oxygen corrosion protection and/or hydrazine-gydrate processing goods

2. Assessment of current demand

2.1. Hydrazine Gidrat market volume in 2014..2016 in kind

2.2. Enlarged structure of demand for segments

2.3. Development trends of the main consuming segments (non -nuclear energy, nuclear energy, rocket fuel, other areas of application)

2.4. Hydrazine hydrates to change plans

3. Assessment of the potential for replacing goods-prostitutes or processing products of hydrazin-gidrata (primarily carbohydraside)

3.1. Assessment of the capacity of the market of goods-prostitutes or processing products

3.2. Factors affecting the choice of consumer goods or processing products

4. Offer in the hydrazin-gidrata market

4.1. The main manufacturers presented in the Russian market

4.2. Identification of plans for the creation/renewal of production of hydrazin hydrates

4.3. The share of consumers who are highly likely to switch to the use of hydrazine hydrate

5. Price conjuncture

5.1. The dynamics of wholesale prices for hydrazin hydrates in 2014..2016

5.2. The level of purchase prices by end consumers

6. Key raw materials are necessary for the production of hydrazine hydrat

7. Conclusions and recommendations

7.1. The volume of the gydrazin gydraz in 2014 ... 2016 in monetary terms

7.2. Assessment of the potential volume of the sale of hydrazin hydrates in the Russian Federation until 2025 in the market in natural and monetary terms

7.3. Options for placing production taking into account the availability of raw materials and other factors

File name: ТЗ-329-2017