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Calcinated soda market research


Дата разработки: 08.11.2018

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Calcinated soda market research

1. Characterization of the market for soda soda

- Description of the situation in the market (RF) and in the industry.

- market size (region, Russian Federation, CIS, world market);

- Level and market development trends;

- trends in sales of products this year and a forecast for 5 years;

- dynamics of market prices over the past 5 years;

- specific market features, for example, difficulties in access to market operations;

- independent forecasts regarding the development of the market in the future;

- the estimated share of the market that the company's products will take;

- export potential;

- seasonality;

- Special goals in the market.

2. Description of products

- applicable quality standards and quality characteristics depending on the field of application;

- the functional purpose of the products for what purposes it is intended; examples of use of products (areas of application);

- applicable import and export duties, tariffs, quotas;

- Patent-licensed protection.

3. Analysis of competitors

- a description of the functional and consumer properties of competing products;

- Why are competitors' products are in certain demand;

- principles of pricing of competitors;

- Methods of sales stimulation used by competitors.

4. Product consumers characteristic

- type of consumer (buyers, manufacturers, single independent consumers, etc.);

- geographical location;

5. Characterization of competitors

- a list of enterprises - main competitors;

- advantages and disadvantages;

- financial position;

- level of technology;

- specific gravity in the back of the market;

- marketing strategies used by competitors;

- development plans;

- A possible reaction of competitors to the emergence of a new product.

File name: ТЗ-442-2018