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Study of the European Biodiesel market in Europe


Дата разработки: 20.11.2014

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Study of the European Biodiesel market in Europe

1. General information and basic documents related to the state regulation of the production and consumption of bioadiesel in Europe as a whole, including in Germany, Austria, Estonia (identifying features, plans for change)

2. The dynamics of net export and net import of biodiesel in the context of European countries 2011-2013.

3. Wholesale prices, main directions of supplies, main refectates and senders of biodiesel and diesel in export from Ukraine and Russia 2011-2014.

4. wholesale prices for raw materials, main directions of supplies, the main receiving companies and senders of raw materials to Europe from Russia and Ukraine 2011-2014.

5. Export/imported customs duties from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Transport shoulder to the border with the studied countries.

6. Preparation of a consolidated analytical report, including positive and negative factors for the placement of production in certain EU countries (Germany, Austria, Estonia)

I sources:

Energiestg / Energiesteuergesetz / Energy Tax Act)

The law on quotas for the use of biofuels (Biokraftqug / BiokraftfoFQUOTENGESETZ / BIOFUEL quota Act)

Amendment Act / Gesetz Zur änderung Der Förderung von BiokraftStoffen)

Biomassa regulation (Biomassev / Biomasseverdnung / Biomass Regulation)

Biokraft-Nachv / biofraftfff-nachhaltigkeitsverdnung / biofuel-sustainability regulation)

Federal Law on Limiting Industrial Pollution of Atmosphere (Bimschg / Bundes-Immissionschutzgesetz / Bimschg)

Fuel Resolution (Kraftfverordnung 1999 - Fuel Order 1999)

Act on mineral fuel tax (Mineral? LSSTEUERGESETZ 1995 - Mineral Oil Tax Act 1995)

Bioethanolgemischverordnung 2007 - Bioethanol Blending Order 2007)

Act on a mineral fuel tax


File name: ТЗ-386-2014