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Study of the European market of magnesium sulfate


Дата разработки: 14.01.2020

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Study of the European market of magnesium sulfate

1. The conjuncture of demand in Europe on magnesium sulfate of foreign production:

1.1. The total volume of imports of magnesium sulfate to Europe in 2018

1.2. The structure of imports in the context of individual countries

1.3. The level of weighted average prices for imported magnesium sulfate

2. Russian magnesium sulfate in Europe

2.1. Quality of Russian magnesium sulfate

2.2. Distribution of deliveries of Russian magnesium sulfate for customers

2.3. The price level for Russian magnesium sulfate

3. Identification and study of European consumers of magnesium sulfate (primarily in the main countries of the Netboard importers - Finland, Ukraine, Poland, France, Italy, Sweden): Sweden):

- name of the enterprise, country, contact details (site, phone, e -mail)

- Specialization

- confirmation of the fact of using magnesium sulfate

- Contact person engaged in the procurement of magnesium sulfate, his name, position, current phone and email

- The degree of interest in obtaining a proposal for the supply of magnesium sulfate from Russia.

4. Assessment of the demand potential in Europe on Russian -made magnesium sulfate from the new supplier.

File name: ТЗ-3-2020