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Study of the global market of ammonium sulfate and the Russian ammonia market


Дата разработки: 21.09.2020

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Study of the global market of ammonium sulfate and the Russian ammonia market

1. The global market of ammonium sulfate
1.1 global proposal of ammonium sulfate
1.1.1 Placement of world capacities by production segments and largest manufacturers, world brands.
1.1.2 The largest exporters and export dynamics
1.1.3 New projects for the production of ammonium sulfate and a forecast for power growth.
1.2 global demand for ammonium sulfate
1.2.1 Main markets and areas of consumption
1.2.2 The largest importers
1.2.3 Dynamics of imports
1.2.4 Seasonality of imports of ammonium sulfate
1.2.5 Forecast of the growth of world demand for ammonium sulfate
1.3 world exports and imports of ammonium sulfate
1.4 Prices for ammonium sulfate
1.4.1 Competition in the world market of ammonium sulfate
1.4.2 The main bases of prices for ammonium sulfate
1.4.3 Cyclicity in the ammonium sulfate market
1.4.4 seasonality of prices for ammonium sulfate
1.4.5 Prize in the price of ammonium sulfate per unit content of the active substance in relation to other fertilizers
1.4.6 Forecast for ammonium sulfate until 2030
1.5 market of ammonium sulfate of Russia the main manufacturers and areas of consumption. Forecast until 2030
2. Ampiac market in Russia
2.1 The main manufacturers of ammonia in Russia
2.2 Structure of demand for ammonia by regions of Russia
2.3 Forecast of the Russian ammonia market until 2030
File name: ТЗ-2020-322