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Study of the Russian Forsterite market (Olivina)


Дата разработки: 22.01.2020

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Study of the Russian Forsterite market (Olivina)

1. General information about Forsterite (Olivina)

1.1. Properties of Forsterite (Olivina) and its spheres of application

1.2. Products of substitutes in areas of application

2. The proposal of Forsterite

2.1. The main players with production volumes (is in the Urals)

2.2. Forsterite imports in the Russian Federation (supplier, price, importer)

3. Demand for Forsterite in Russia

3.1. The main consumers of Forsterite in Russia

3.2. Review of the areas of consumption with the forecast of their development (including identifying plans for the creation of new production or modernization)

3.3. The acceptability of the technical characteristics of the proposed Forsterite for key consumers in Russia.

4. Prices in the Russian Federation for Forsterite

4.1. Prices of the Russian manufacturer

4.2. Import prices

4.3. Principles of pricing in the domestic market.

5.1. Evaluation of the forsterite market capacity

5.2. The reasons for the use of foreign forsteritis (Olevina) instead of Russian similar products (content FE and MG, impurities, form of release, price)

5.3. Market balance forecast for 5 years

File name: ТЗ-28-2020