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Research of the Russian methanol market


Дата разработки: 12.02.2020

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Research of the Russian methanol market

1. Section. Russian Methanol market 2015-2019 with a forecast until 2025

1.1 Production of methanol in Russia, in 2015-2019, the level of loading, the share of intra-factory consumption
1.2 Production of methanol in Russia in the context of manufacturers, 2015-2019
1.3 methanol consumption in the Russian Federation in 2015-2019 for large-capacity consumers
1.4 Characteristics of consumers by areas of methanol use
1.5 The seasonality of the supply of methanol in the domestic market in 2015-2019.
1.6 Dynamics of internal prices for methanol, 2015-2019.
1.7 dynamics of intra-Russian prices for methanol in the period 2015-2019.
1.8 Information about 20 projects for organizing the production of methanol in Russia (location, capacity, input date, stage)
1.9 Forecast of the balance of supply and demand on the Russian market of methanol by 2025 (including trends and factors affecting the development of the methanol market)
1.10 Forecast of domestic prices for methanol until 2025

2. Section. Methanol exports 2015-2019. with a forecast until 2025

2.1 Exporters of Methanol from the Russian Federation in 2015-2019 with the breakdown of volumes monthly and in countries
2.2 border transitions and ports through which methanol from Russia is exported with a breakdown monthly and in volume
2.3 Dynamics of export prices for methanol in the period 2015-2019.
2.4 The structure of international trade in the context of countries, countries exporters and importers
2.5 Forecast of the global methanol market until 2025 (consumption, prices)
2.6 Forecast of methanol exports from Russia to 2020-2025 with division into countries;
2.7 Price forecast for methanol for 2020-2025gg external market
2.8 Forecast for the construction of terminals for transshipment of methanol for 2020-2025GG in the Russian Federation

3. Section. Information about current manufacturers of methanol

3.1 Loading Methanol manufacturers, 2019
3.2 Dynamics of methanol production in the context of manufacturers and months, 2019
3.3 The structure of the release of methanol in the context in directions (intra -factory consumption, domestic market (main consumers), export deliveries) in the context of manufacturers by months, 2019.
3.4 directions of intra -factory consumption of methanol for each enterprise indicating the manufactured products.
File name: ТЗ-2020-66