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Study of the Russian market for lubricating liquids (coolants) for metalworking


Дата разработки: 25.09.2020

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Study of the Russian market for lubricating liquids (coolants) for metalworking

1 General product information
1.1 World and Russian manufacturers declare the production of coolant for metalworking, including COOS based on coupling oil (product characteristics, properties, regulatory documents)
1.2 Comparison of the characteristics of coolant based on tall oil with other coolant for metalworking
1.3 World and Russian scientific developments in the field of creating coolants based on tall oil (developer, development essence, recipe (including % of the content of the oxidized distillate of tall oil)
2 Assessment of current and potential demand for thallous oil -based coolants in the Russian market
2.1 The total volume of cooperative production for metalworking, 2017-2019.
2.2 The total volume of import of coolant for metalworking ("blotch" analysis), 2017-2019.
2.3 The total volume of demand for coolant for metalworking, 2017-2019.
2.4 The availability of supplies of coolant based on tall oil to the Russian market, estimate of the share of % of the total coolant for metalworking
2.5 The level of price for coo -processing, including Tall oil -based
2.6 The presence of factors contributing to an increase in the share of coolant based on tall oil
2.7 Assessment of potential demand for coolant based on tall oil until 2025, taking into account the development of the market of all types of coolant for metalworking and the competitiveness of coolants based on tall oil, taking into account the price level and characteristics
File name: ТЗ-2020-331