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Research of the Russian Glassglerod market


Дата разработки: 18.11.2015

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Research of the Russian Glassglerod market

  1. The main areas of application (a list of products made of glassoglerod and their purpose)
  2. Basic products-prostitutes of glassoglerod products
  3. Manufacturers of glassoglerod (RF, TS, CIS, Eastern Europe) - general information about them, the share of glassoglerod in the total number of products, the prospect of development of the direction at the enterprise.
  4. Analysis of foreign trade in glass
  5. Assessment of market volumes in monetary terms for 2012-2015 and forecast for 2016-2017. With comments on the dynamics: including the share of each manufacturer in the Russian and European market, and by bringing the list of consumers.
  6. Price analysis of products of different manufacturers / suppliers in the context of the nomenclature, including for goods-substitutes.
  7. The prospects for the material in the context of the consumed industries. Conduct an analysis of the development of consuming industries based on theses, designate growth / fall drivers for each industry.
File name: ТЗ-399-2015