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Study of the Russian hydrogen market


Дата разработки: 13.05.2021

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Study of the Russian hydrogen market

1. The production of hydrogen in the Russian Federation by the types of it (electrolysis is consumed so much
2. Comparative data on a carbon footage for each of the technology of hydrogen production
3. Production in the Russian Federation by type of electrolysis - alkaline, membrane, etc.
4. Comparison of hydrogen electrolysis technologies in the context of the cost and efficiency of its production including the cost of consumables and their life life for 1 electrolyzer - anodes, membranes, catalysts, etc.
5. Indicators of the main types of electrolyzers:
  • The average surface area of ​​the anodes,
  • The number of precious metals used
  • The average performance of electrolyzers, etc.
6. Evaluation of the capacity of the electrolysis of hydrogen in anodes, catalysts, etc.
File name: ТЗ-2021-143