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Study of roller filter elements


Дата разработки: 15.07.2014

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Study of roller filter elements

The customer’s plan - replacing the supply of foreign roller filter elements

The purpose of the study is to inform the operators of filters about the customer’s products on the basis of the analysis of distribution channels and the final buyers of foreign roller filter elements.

1. Preparing a list of competing products (Filmtec - Dow Chemical, GE, Hydranautics Nitto Denko, Koch -Glitsch Gmbra Systems Division, Toray Inc, etc.)

2. Analysis of the import of roll filter elements

2.1. Assessment of the volume of imports of roller filter elements

2.2. The volume of imports in the context of manufacturers and brands of roller filter elements

2.3. The most significant importers of roller filter elements

3. Detection of consumers

3.1 List of confirmed and probable consumers of roll filter (membrane) elements:

3.1.1 The largest trading companies on the basis of import analysis

3.1.2 Russian filter manufacturers.

4. informing consumers about customer products

4.1 The text of the oral presentation and the written presentation,

4.2 List of key issues for feedback.

4.3 Personal information scenario.

4.4 The results of personal informing.

5. Conclusions and recommendations

5.1 Summarizing the scale of the use of filter elements for each operator

5.2 companies that show the greatest interest in customer products

5.3 Recommendations for further search for customers.


Database of all potential customers with contact persons for each company

File name: ТЗ-231-2014