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Activated coal market research


Дата разработки: 14.01.2019

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Activated coal market research

- Assessment of the scale of import and export of activated coal over each country in natural and monetary terms.

- determination of the assortment of activated coal presented in each country under study,

- identification of trading companies specializing in the implementation of activated coal,

- Clarification of interest in the proposal of activated coal from Russia.

Report content:

1. Statistics of imports and exports of activated coal to France, Germany, Italy and Turkey.

2. Trade companies selling activated carbon in every country

- name of the trading company,

- The address of the location,

- Assessment of the scale of the company (Range of revenue or number of employees)

- the main direction (for example, the implementation of equipment for water treatment),

- Assortment of AU sold, the presence of AU production (another country), their properties

- Contact persons for negotiations regarding the supply of activated coal: surname, name, position, phone, e -mail.

- The degree of interest in the customer products, including a request for samples and/or prices.

File name: ТЗ-4-2019