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Study of the market of basalt continuous fiber


Дата разработки: 24.06.2020

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Study of the market of basalt continuous fiber

1. Description of the product (Clause 3.4 "Recommendations")
1.1 Project product line
1.2 competitive advantages and disadvantages of BNV
1.3 purpose and scope of BNV
1.4 Short description and basic characteristics of BNV
1.5 Patent capacity and copyright to issue BNV
1.6 The need to licensing the release of BNV
1.7 Security and environmental friendliness BNV, disposal after use
1.8 degree of readiness of BNV for release and implementation
1.9 Products-substitutes (substitutes) BNV and complimentary goods
2. Analysis of the BNV market (Clause 3.5 "Recommendations")
2.1 current and potential (forecast) volume of the BNV market
2.2 degree of saturation of the BNV market
2.3 The dynamics of the development of the BNV market (including the emergence of new players, the dynamics of sales, key changes and trends, the current stage of the life cycle)
2.4 The main segments of the BNV market
2.5 indicators of the market concentration of BNV
2.6 main direct competitors and competitors producing replacement products
2.7 barriers to the entrance to the BNV market
2.8 seasonality of demand or proposal
2.9 Basic sales channels and methods of sales promotion BNV
2.10 Prophetic principles, historical dynamics of BNV prices and its changes in its change
2.11 The speed of innovation and technological changes in the production of BNV
2.12 The degree of state regulation of the BNV market
2.13 Forecast of BNV sales of the project in 2020..2025
2.14 Analysis of the level of competition in the industry
2.15 Analysis of competitors in the BNV market:
  • Position in the BNV market (location, market share),
  • current and forecast production capacities according to BNV,
  • The main competition strategy,
  • competitive advantages and disadvantages
2.16 overall review:
  • General dynamics of industry enterprises;
  • level of profitability,
  • Asset structure,
  • Asset turnover,
  • Typical cost structure,
  • the degree of wear of fixed assets,
  • The level of loading of production capacities/technological equipment
3. Sales plan and marketing strategy (Clause 3.7 "Recommendations")
3.1 Forecast sales volume of BNV in natural and monetary terms
3.2 Marketing Strategy for the BNV project
3.3 Pricing strategy for BNV
3.4 Distribution policy (selection of sales channels) BNV and sales stimulation
3.5 Forecast share of the company in the BNV market
3.6 Competition strategy.
File name: ТЗ-2020-216