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Study of the War Sulfate Market Sodium Sulfate


Дата разработки: 21.10.2021

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Study of the War Sulfate Market Sodium Sulfate

1. Review of the water -free sodium sulfate market
1.1. General characteristics of the market
1.2. Market volume
1.3. Assessment of current trends and prospects for the market studied
1.4. Assessment of factors affecting the market
1.5. Production data (volume and dynamics of production)
2. The volume and dynamics of imports to manufacturers and importers in countries in
natural and value terms.
3. Competitive analysis.
3.1. The largest manufacturers, distributors, sellers, buyers, importers (with
indicating contact information).
3.2. Data on the volume of production of companies.
3.3. Working conditions of companies (payment conditions, delivery, minimum and maximum
3.4. Sales of companies. A detailed description of possible out -of -water supply schemes
sodium sulfate to the Russian consumer indicating the cost and conditions
3.5. Rating of the largest companies.
3.6. Price analysis (including the structure of price formation: value of goods, taxes,
Customs payments, transportation costs, other expenses).
3.7. Russian average annual prices for anhydrous sodium sulfate in 2019-2021.
3.8. The forecast of the dynamics of prices for anhydrous sodium sulfate in 2021-2030.
4. Analysis of consumers of anhydrous sodium sodium sodium.
4.1. The volume of consumption
4.2. Consumption industries.
4.3. The main consumers.
4.4. Description of consumer preferences.
4.5 Consumption forecast until 2030
5. Recommendations/conclusions.
5.1. Market prospects (assessment horizon: 3-5-10 years).
5.2. Barriers of the entrance to the Russian market.
5.3. Legislative regulation.
File name: ТЗ-2021-273