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Study of the Butylcetate market


Дата разработки: 19.05.2021

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Study of the Butylcetate market

1. Russian Butyl acetate market
1.1 General market parameters for 2018-2020.
  • The volume of Russian production (data on Nevinnomyssk nitrogen is provided by the customer)
  • Import/export volume
  • The total market volume
    1.2 Analysis of demand conjuncture
    1.2.1 Formation of the list of all potential consumers of Butylacetate in the paintwork industry, etc., indicating the known volumes of consumption over the past 3 years
    1.2.2. Negotiations with butylcetate consumers among the most significant companies (companies changed the volume of production, companies have not declared the consumption of butyl acetate in recent years according to railway and import). Each company will collect information:
    • The current volume of butylcetate consumption and plans to change in the future
    • The reasons for changing the volume of butylcetate consumption in recent years (changing the solvent recipe, own production, etc.)
      1.3 Forecast of Butilacetate consumption in the Russian market
      1.3.1 Forecast for the development of consuming segments
      1.3.2 Trends in the development of demand conjuncture
      1.3.3 Forecast for the development of the Russian market until 2025
      2. Market butyl acetate of European and CIS countries
      2.1 The total volume of curl -acetate imports in the context of countries over the past 3 years
      2.2 trends in the development of solvent markets in the 10 most significant countries of importers in the context of the use of butylcetate
      2.3 forecast until 2025
      File name: ТЗ-2021-147