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Study of the Polydiallelilleldimethymmonium of Chloride (Polydadmac, Polydmdaac, Polydadmami)


Дата разработки: 13.10.2020

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Study of the Polydiallelilleldimethymmonium of Chloride (Polydadmac, Polydmdaac, Polydadmami)

1. Brief product information
1.1. Properties and technology of application
1.2. Production technologies used in Russia and the CIS, and their licensor
2. Balance indicators of the Russian Polydadma market in natural and value expressions (market volume, production, foreign trade)
3. Characterization of Russian production polydadmas
3.1. The volume and dynamics of the total production of polydadm in 2015-2020.
3.2. The volume and dynamics of the production of polydadm in enterprises in 2015-2020.
3.3. Production volumes for enterprises and brands in 2020
3.4. Profiles of producers of polydadmas
4. Foreign trade
4.1. The dynamics and volumes of foreign trade in the polydadm in 2015-2020. (balance)
4.2. Export
4.2.1. The volume and dynamics of the total export of polydadm in 2015-2020.
4.2.2. The structure of exports to polydadm manufacturers in 2019
4.2.3. The volumes and structure of the export of polydadmas for the country's country in 2019
4.2.4. The volume of supplies of polydadmas by manufacturers of the largest recipient companies in 2019
4.2.5. Marych and species export structure in 2019
4.3. Import
4.3.1. The volume and dynamics of the total import of polydadm in 2015-2020.
4.3.2. The structure of imports by polydadm manufacturers in 2019
4.3.3. The volume and structure of the import of polydadmas in the countries of origin in 2019
4.3.4. Volumes and structure of supplies of polydadmas for recipients in 2019
4.3.5. Marych and species import structure in 2019
5. Characterization of internal demand for polydadmas (when used in water treatment, when used in petrochemistry)
5.1. The volume and dynamics of total demand at the polydadm in 2018-2019.
5.2. The structure of demand for the use of polydadmas in 2019
5.3. Marych and species demand for demand in 2019
5.3. The volume and structure of the demand for polydadmas for consumer companies in 2019 (based on data from FCS, railway transportation, open sources, expert interviews)
5.4. Profiles of the largest consumers of polydadmas
6. Forecast of balance indicators of the polydadm market in Russia in 2020-2025GG.
7. Analysis of prices (data of open sources, FCS of the Russian Federation, expert interviews)
7.1. Features of pricing at polydadmas
7.2. Average prices in world markets in 2018-2019. (Europe, Middle East, China)
7.3. Current prices for polydadmas of various brands in the Russian market
7.4. The forecast of average prices of polydadm in 2020-2025.
File name: ТЗ-2020-364