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Study of the foam rubber market


Дата разработки: 29.10.2020

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Study of the foam rubber market

1. General information about foam
2. Production and import of foam rubber 2018-2020.
2.1 Dynamics of foam rubber production according to the main manufacturers and regions
2.2 Dynamics of import/export foams in countries
2.3 The total volume of foam consumption in the Russian market
2.4 The total volume of commodity consumption of foams in the Russian market
2.5 The level of loading of capacities according to manufacturers
2.6 Plans for the development of capacities by foam producers
3. Assessment of the potential of foam sales in the context of regions (FOR)
3.1 Assessment of the structure of foam consumption in the context of the regions, TN
3.2 Identification of the level of "input" prices for consumers in the regions based on the analysis of the declared procurement
3.3 Assessment of the cost of delivery from new production to consumers in various regions
3.4 Forecast of commodity consumption of foams, tons., 2020-2025.
4.1 Positive and negative factors of the entry of a new manufacturer
4.2 Calculation of the breakdown points of 15 nearest (for the new production) of Russian (+possibly Kazakh) manufacturers of foams in 2019
4.3 Building a mathematical market model in the regions closest to the new production
4.4 Assessment of the potential volume of foam sales from the new deposit of the Perm Territory in the Russian market (indicating the list of the most promising regions)
4.5 The level of selling prices for foams at the customer factory to ensure the replacement of the most "cost" manufacturers
File name: ТЗ-2020-382