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Study of the market of redeemed polymer powders


Дата разработки: 03.04.2018

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Study of the market of redeemed polymer powders

1. Basic information about redeemed polymer powders (RPP) and initial dispersions for their production: classification of dispersions and RPP, production technology, area of ​​potential and actual use in the market of the Russian Federation and CIS:

1.1. The characteristics and physical properties of radiant powders and the initial dispersions of Russian and foreign production present in the CIS and the Russian Federation.

1.2. Features and advantages of using dispersions and RPP, including:

- vinyl acetate and copolymer dispersion; Homopolymer vinyl acetate RPP (VA);

-powders based on a copolymer of vinyl acetate ethylene (VA-E);

- copolymer vinyl acetate and vinyl ether by the oily acid (VA-VEOVA); Vinilacetate-ethylene-vinyl ether by the oxyard of the RPP (VA-E-VEOVA) and others.

1.3. Assessment of the total volume of consumption of radiocated powders and dispersions in the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

1.4. Determination of the most popular types of RPPs and dispersions in the Russian Federation and the CIS, assessment of the level of demand for VA/ VA/ VA-VAOVA/ VA-E-VEOVA powder and dispersion.

1.5. Trends in the change in the structure of consumption of radi -periged powders and dispersions.

2. Analysis of the dispersion market of Russia and the CIS countries.

2.1. The main manufacturers of dispersions, assortment, share of VA dispersions.

2.2. The main importers of dispersions, imported stamps, further consumers and areas of use.

2.3. The prognosis of dispersed consumption.

3. Analysis of RPP market indicators:

3.1. Analysis of foreign trade operations in the market of radiocated powders of the Russian Federation:

3.2. The structure of imported supplies in the context of suppliers and consumers:

- foreign manufacturers present in the market of the Russian Federation;

- supplied brands of foreign RPP and their technical characteristics; the structure of consumption by type of RPP and areas of use;

- recipients and end consumers of imported RPP;

- Assessment of volume and dynamics of RPP consumption.

3.3. The structure of export supplies of the product in the context of sales areas.

4. Analysis of the structure of demand for RPP according to the sectors of consumers (paintwork, dry mixes, adhesives, sealants, etc.), including::

4.1. The main Russian manufacturers of dry construction mixtures (CCC). Classification of CCCs, assessment and forecasts of RPP consumption in this area.

4.2. The main consumers of the RPP for other sectors of the application. The list, profile of companies, products manufactured using RPP, the used brands and volumes of RPP consumption.

4.3. Price conjuncture, analysis of prices for RPP domestic and foreign production.

4.4. The demand potential and the level of readiness of the transition to powders of the new Russian manufacturer.

4.5. RPP consumption forecast in 2018 - 2022.

5. Analysis of the activities of RPP manufacturers in Russia and the CIS countries:

The state of capacities, production dynamics, a loop assortment, the structure of intra -factory consumption, import of raw materials, geography and volumes of sales of dispersions and RPP Kuban Polymer LLC (Russia, Timashevsk) to the market of the Russian Federation and for export, used types of transportation, and logistics costs .

6. Analysis of product flows in the context of the countries of the world. Building an optimal logistics chain, determining attractive sales regions, including Evaluation of consumer demand, competitive environment, a forecast for a possible supply of RPP production of customer production to European countries, Turkey and other potential sales markets.

7. Forecast of price changes in 2018 - 2022.

File name: ТЗ-121-2018