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Synthetic graphite market research


Дата разработки: 11.05.2015

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Synthetic graphite market research

Commodity boundaries:

- heat exchangers from synthetic graphite;

- anti -corrosion plastics reinforced with graphite;

- forms made of synthetic graphite used as spare parts in the relevant industries

Report structure and main goals:

1. The main segments of the synthetic graphite market, their local volumes and growth rates (graphite blocks and synthetic graphite of other forms) according to areas of use:

Market segment

Relevant industries

Use at high temperatures

High -temperature stoves, silicon production, glass industry, semiconductor production


Black and non -ferrous metallurgy

Equipment equipment with electric shock (emo)

Graphite - Material for EMO equipment (EMO production production)

Atomic industry

Components for RBMC reactor (high power of the channel)


Valves production; equipment production (which requires seals)

Corrosion media

Chemical, oil and gas and analytical equipment

Aero and hydrodynamics

Aviation, space and defense industry


Chemical industry


Aviation and automobile industry

Specific areas of application

Sources of electricity, electronics and commercial and housing construction

Electricity transmission

Railway production, electric motors and equipment

2. Products made of natural graphite, as well as graphite electrodes, powders or synthetic graphite fiber are not included in the boundaries of the study.

Market structure. Analysis of the main competitors.

Review of top players in segments:

- diversified large players

- manufacturers of graphite parts and shapes

List and analysis of world competitors:

- dynamics of the state of the industry: consolidation/fragmentation/lack of changes in the market share;

- commodity substitutes that can replace existing products;

- revenue and profit of top-players

- product line/New initiatives of top players

3. Key market trends and world market drivers

- the volume of the market of synthetic graphite in 2011 - 2015 (TN/dollars),

- Synthetic graphite market forecast

- Trends B in the graphite industry (new products on products)

- New markets for synthetic graphite

- Trends on the path of implementation by suppliers of raw materials

- industry regulation mechanisms

File name: ТЗ-197-g-2015