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Construction chemistry market research


Дата разработки: 07.04.2020

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Construction chemistry market research

- impurities
- waterproofing
- concrete and industrial liquid solutions
- Floor coverings;
1. Review of the market
Foreign companies present in Russia, as well as Russian companies
  • property (Russian or international company),
  • locations of production sites,
  • sales channels (straight, distributors, etc.),
  • type of activity in the context of the main products;
2. Analysis of the UFC underground construction market:
2.1 TOP 5 of the largest companies for the production of additives for sprayed concrete
  • the share of revenue from the construction of tunnels and mining,
  • main customers;
2.2 TOP 5 largest manufacturers TBM chemicals
  • total revenues,
  • revenue separately from the construction of tunnels and mining,
  • The main consumers,
  • best sold products;
2.3 The largest companies engaged in groundworms with materials (Quanting cement / chemicals into the ground to control stability or leakage):
  • key clients,
2.4 TOP 5 of the largest companies in barbell manufacturers:
  • revenue of the best -selling products,
  • large clients;
2.5 TOP 5 of the largest companies involved in waterproofing projects of underground structures:
  • leading products,
  • The main customers.
File name: ТЗ-2020-126