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Carry Sulfate Market Research


Дата разработки: 10.02.2020

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Carry Sulfate Market Research

1. The concept of marketing strategy

1.1 Features of the potassium sulfate market
1.2 Review of factors
1.3 sources of information

2. Product quality assessment

2.1 Sulfate market segments
2.2 Review of quality criteria: standards, quality requirements for potassium sulfate
2.3 Comparison of the specification of commodity products with competitors
2.4 Assessment of prospects for substantive sales
2.5 conclusions: strengths and weaknesses, risks

3. The rationale for target markets

3.1 Historical dynamics of the balance of demand/proposals of the potassium sulfate market
3.2 Forecast of the balance of demand/proposals for countries and/or regions, taking into account the project
3.3 Forecast of the planned share of products in target markets by year

4. Logistic strategy

4.1 Review of world trade in potassium sulfate
4.2 The main directions of supplies of potassium sulfate
4.3 Comparison of the cost of delivery of products in the main areas
4.4 substantiation of the logistics scheme of sales of potassium sulfate (direction, cost)

5. Sales strategy

5.1 Review of the sales structure of the potassium sulfate market
5.2 Comparison of sales channels
5.3 justification of the choice of channels of sales of potassium sulfate
5.4 Guarantees of supplies to end consumers

6. Price policy

6.1 Forecast of potassium sulfate prices (based on the forecast of the dynamics of the demand/supply balance
6.2 Assessment of the impact of the project on prices
6.3 Description of the approach to determining and calculating the sales prices of the project
6.4 rationale for pricing policy

7. Assessment of product competitiveness

7.1 Project positions on Curve Costs/issue
7.1.1 Global cost curve/issue
7.1.2 Assessment of the project position at the curve at the start of the project and with the access to production capacity
7.2 Project positions on the curve costs of delivery/issue in target markets
7.3 Profiles of the main competitors
7.4 SWOT analysis
File name: ТЗ-2020-62