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Tereftal acid market research (TFK)


Дата разработки: 14.01.2020

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Tereftal acid market research (TFK)

1. The current state, the main market indicators-the balance and demand balance, the balance of export/imports (dynamics 2015-2019 with the forecast).

2. Internal production of TFK, key players and analysis of their strategies.

3. The main consumers of TFK.

4. The main directions of the use of TFK and prospects.

5. The level of utilization of TFK production capacities.

6. Entering the new TFK capacities and their impact on the possibility of sales of products.

7. TFK pricing, the main prices of prices.

8. State regulation of the Russian TFK market and the prospects for the input of import duties.

9. Prospects for the development of the TFK industry, the main growth drivers.

File name: ТЗ-2-2020