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Carbon fiber market research


Дата разработки: 04.07.2020

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Carbon fiber market research

Research objectives, main results, conclusions and recommendations

2. General information about carbon fiber:

3. Review of carbon fiber production technologies:
3.1 methods of obtaining carbon fiber and used raw materials
3.3 directions and volumes of supplies of raw materials for the production of carbon fiber;

4. General overview of the carbon fiber market
4.1 Retrospective and forecast analytical balances of the carbon fiber market, aggregate consolidated data for production, import, domestic consumption and export in natural and value terms;
4.2 market segmentation and its main features (analysis of the carbon fiber market with breakdown by type, including classifications, standards, target directions of use, brand, quality indicators, etc.);
- a description of the legislative regulation of the carbon fiber market and the requirements for it;
- a description of the used sales systems in the sale of carbon fiber;
- factors that promote the sale of carbon fiber outlined for the release, taking into account the competitiveness of domestic and foreign suppliers of carbon fibers, and determination of the channels of carbon fiber on the market;
- Description of the demand drivers for carbon fiber with a description of the methodology for forecasting demand.
- a description of possible modes of transport used in the main areas of supply, the presence of special requirements for the transportation of carbon fiber.
4.4 The allocation of the segment of the market of UV, made on the basis of a fiber -forming coal and oil bigs

5. Review of carbon fiber prices
5.1 The dynamics of the wholesale price for carbon fiber by year
5.2 Analysis of the dynamics of export and imported prices for carbon fiber;

6. Review of carbon fiber production

7. Review of the import of carbon fiber in the Russian Federation

8. Review of carbon fiber exports- analysis of carbon fiber exports
8.1 Dynamics of export shares in the production volume of carbon fiber;

9. Information about consumers of carbon fiber:
9.1 Assessment of the structure of the market by consumer groups, if there are specific requirements for the quality of carbon fiber from individual consumer groups;
- the nature of demand for carbon fiber (uniform, seasonal, periodic, single);
- Information about the presence of key consumers on the carbon fiber market.

12.1 The forecast for the production of carbon fiber in the domestic market, taking into account the announced investment projects, in natural and value terms;
12.2 Forecast of the consumption of carbon fiber in the domestic market, taking into account the most important trends and expected changes, including legislative regulation, in natural and value terms;
12.4 Pure export/import of carbon fiber;
12.5 Forecast assessment of a market niche in the domestic market and opportunities for the export of carbon fiber;
12.6 Price forecast carbon fiber;

13.1 Definition of promising areas of carbon fiber supply - domestic market and export;
13.2 Conclusions on promising markets for the sale of carbon fiber indicating directions, brands, non -backs, prices, transportation methods and sales volumes of carbon fiber.
File name: ТЗ-2020-228-3