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Research on the market of iron -oxy pigments


Дата разработки: 23.06.2022

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Research on the market of iron -oxy pigments

Purpose of the study: Analysis of the prospects for the entry of inorganic iron -oxide pigments to the RF market.
The test (s) of the market: Inorganic market for inorganic pigments: yellow, red and optionally: black and brown pigments, with the analysis of key segments and niches of use, in particular, the production of bricks, paving slabs, etc. Vibro -pressed and concrete products, LKM, fertilizers, etc.

The report content
1. The state and development trends of the market of inorganic iron-oxual pigments.
1.1. Style = "Margin-Left: 42.5pt;"> 1.1.1. Production 2018-2022 (Dynamics and production prospects, manufacturers (Yaroslavl pigment, titanium investments (Crimean titanium), crnacril, PAO Pigment (Krata), YarpromCenter; Group pigment, etc.)
1.1.2. foreign trade (import/export), importers, manufacturers, 2018-2021, changes that occurred in connection with sanctions. Left: 42.5pt; "> 1.1.3. 42.5pt; "> 1.1.4. Balance of supply and supply of 2018-2021, tons, the main drivers of the market development trends
1.2. Analysis of the identified consumers (survey 50 of the most significant in all sectors based on the scale of activity, in the P.O. CFF and National Security Code), the list will be previously agreed with the customer
For each enterprise, information will be provided (consumption volume for 2018-2021, tons, suppliers, suppliers, requirements for the selection of a supplier (quality, price, brand trust, delivery time, etc. . -Durous companies in the market of inorganic pigments, sales volumes, conditions and features of work. Poll 10-15 significant
2. The price situation and working conditions in the market of inorganic pigments of the Russian Federation.
2.1. The dynamics of the cost assessment of the Russian pigment market for 2021-2022
2.2. Retrospective prices for types of pigments in the division of Russian and imported manufacturers
2.3. /DIV>
2.4. analysis of the market for price segments: what segments can be distinguished, what qualitative differences in the segments can be distinguished
< Div Style = "Margin-Left: 21.25pt;"> 2.5. "> 2.6. The seasonality of demand (whether there are purchases in advance before the season, if it is available, is there seasonality in imported deliveries)
2.7. Practical conditions for working in the market of inorganic iron-oxual pigments
  • Sales channels in various market segments
  • Types of transportation, packaging, supply conditions for Incoterms
  • typical conditions for mutual settlements for various sales channels.
  • 3. Key conclusions on the potential for the market for inorganic iron-oxide pigments.
    3.1. Drivers, prospects and a forecast for the development of the Russian market until 2032 (+Analysis of the prospect of import substitution in the Russian market)
    3.2. Prices and consumption volumes by type of pigment in 2022-2032
    3.3. Forecast of the production and consumption 2032
    3.4. Identification of the best options for a sales strategy for the domestic market and import substitution (with the allocation of key competitive advantages)

    there is the possibility of preparing market research in 2023
    File name: ТЗ-2022-144