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Study of the markets for the sand -sized mixture and anti -icing reagents


Дата разработки: 10.06.2020

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Study of the markets for the sand -sized mixture and anti -icing reagents

1. Study of the Russian commodity market of the sand mixture
1.1 Assessment of the total volume of production of the sand mixture in 2019
1.2 The largest suppliers of the sand -sized mixture for the commodity market
1.3 The most significant consumers of the sandbuilding mixture by segments
1.4 Assessment of the volume of the sand -sized mixture market
1.5 Balance of the Sand -Soldeous Mix
1.6 trends in the consumption sectors and the market as a whole
1.7 market development forecast

2. Study of the Russian anti -muddy reagents market
Objects of research - anti -picidal reagents for roads and sidewalks:
  • calcium chloride (calcium chloride CACL2)
  • sodium chloride (technical salt) (only in the form of halit)
  • Magnesium chloride (magnesium chloride)
  • their various combinations (for example, calcium chloride + technical salt)
Other segments (for example, anti -icing tools for processing aircraft, anti -icing compositions for processing the roof, drains of buildings, etc.) are not included in the boundaries of the study.
⦁ The main types of anti -icing reagents present in the Russian market
⦁ Production of anti -icing reagents in Russia (according to manufacturers - the Ural plant of anti -icing materials, Ziraks, Skoropuskovo Orgsintez, Nicomag, Sodlitamak, Novomoskovsky chlorine, Kaustik Volgograd, NGO Reagents, NPC chemicals, etc.)
⦁ The most significant suppliers of anti -icing reagents are not manufacturers
⦁ The most significant consumers of anti -icing reagents in Russia
⦁ Assessment of the distribution of demand for segments
⦁ The price level for anti-icing materials in 2019-2020
⦁ Trends in consumption segments and market as a whole
⦁ Forecast of market development for the season 2020/2021 (without the structure of demand to the types of reagents)
File name: ТЗ-2020-188