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Studies of the Russian PVC Listen Market


Дата разработки: 16.11.2019

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Studies of the Russian PVC Listen Market

1. Identification and analysis of the import of PVC sheets

1.1. The dynamics of imports from PVC 2016-2018. in natural and monetary terms

1.2. The main manufacturers and recipients of PVC list of foreign production

1.3. PVC price level sheets of the main manufacturers indicating the type of sheet

  • hard sheets (with a continuous internal structure)
  • Hard sheets for cold flexion
  • foamed sheets (with a shallow internal structure).
  • Integral sheets (with a hard facial surface and shallow internal structure)

2. Identification and analysis of 30 leading Russian producers of PVC sheets

2.1. Assortment of produced PVC lists, product characteristics

2.2. Other assortment of products (including PVC: PVC blocks, PVC profile)

2.3. The total production volume and the level of loading of production capacities

2.4. Dynamics of PVC listen production 2016-2018.

2.5. The share of PVC listen consumption for its own needs (production of plastic sandwich panels)

2.6. PVC-list development plans

3. Analysis and conclusions.

3.1. The total volume of the Russian PVC Listen market, 2016-2018. in natural and monetary terms

3.2. Share of Russian and foreign manufacturers

3.3. The prospect of the entry of a new Russian manufacturer

3.4. The most promising types of PVC lists in the framework of the organization of new production

3.5. The existing analogues of PVC lists and the prospects of their substitution

File name: ТЗ-411-2019