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Studies of the calcium food market (E509)


Дата разработки: 17.11.2017

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Studies of the calcium food market (E509)

1. The Russian market of food calcium chloride (E509), in total, including

1.1. The total volume of Russian production 2014-2016, the main current manufacturers, the availability of plans for the development of this direction among producers of calcium chloride

1.2. The presence and total volume of imports 2014-2016. (data from the FCS of the Russian Federation)

1.3. Characteristics (quality requirements for quality) of calcium chloride in demand by consumers in the Russian market (chemical plant named after Karpov, Ziraks, Tetra and others)

1.4. The level of price for food of calcium chloride in the Russian market

2. The global market and the potential of supply of Russian -made dietary chloride of Russian production in total, including:

2.1. Assessment of the total volume of the global market for food calcium chloride and its development trends in 2014-2016.

2.2. Assessment of the total volume of import of dietary chloride in the context of countries, including From Russia 2014-2016.

File name: ТЗ-418-2017